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Shamima Shaikh 5th Memorial Lecture


Group at MYM youth camp thrash out issues that affect young Muslims

By Nontobeko Mkhwanazi


The Muslim Youth Movement (MYM) hosted another successful orientation camp recently at the As-Salaam Educational Institute in Braemar, on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.

Sixty two young Muslims from all over South Africa met in an Islamic environment to learn Islamic teachings, pray, practice and grow together.

“The aim of the camp was to share Islamic Knowledge and Leadership Skills with the youth and for participants to discuss, debate and exchange different views with each other”, said Aysha Adam, from the MYM.

MYM facilitator, Nazeer Bheme said: “Critical issues that concern not only the Muslim youth but youth in general were discussed. Participants raised issues that affect them as Muslims and members of society. Lack of Islamic knowledge, lack of economic empowerment, socio-economic issues, selfishness among Muslim communities and racism among Muslims where core issues raised by participants,” said Bheme.

Participant, Nuran Khaliva, said she now understands that everyone is a leader in their own right and that the current generation has so much potential but misuses it by investing their time and energy in less productive activities.

For most participants the highlight of the camp was the discussion on Islam and culture.

Guest speaker, Sifiso Duma encouraged the youth to make sure they know why they are Muslims. “This is a crucial aspect for every muslim because if you are from a Muslim family, that is good and well but you still need to find the reason why you are a Muslim. Life is full of different people and religions. So you need to know what you stand for and believe in. How will you even attempt to explain Islam to a non-Muslim when you don’t even know why you are a Muslim,” said Duma.

Duma further explained to the participants that when a person embraces Islam, he/she must not be called or labelled as a converted Muslim but as a reverted muslim. “Converting is changing something to something completely different. While reverting is changing certain aspects of something so it can function better. People who have embraced Islam have not changed completely but have introduced Islam into their lives so their lives can be better,” said Duma.

Participants showcased their talents by engaging in poetry, cultural activities and drama.

MYM facilitator, Aisha Adams said: “Many more such camps are needed so that Muslim youth can meet and engage on critical issues affecting them”.

The organisers announced that a leadership camp will be hosted from 22nd to 28th June.

Recruitment for this camp has already commenced, interested persons may contact sister Aisha Adams at the MYM office on 031 3062011 for application forms.

‘MYM’s camp honed our leadership skills’

By Al Qalam Reporter

The Muslim Youth Movement held yet another successful Orientation Camp at the As-Salaam Camp Site in Braemar on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal from the 1st to 3rd December.

Senior Secondary and Tertiary students from KwaZulu Natal and other parts of the country met in an Islamic environment to learn Islamic teachings, pray, practice and grow together. Participants were also recruited from various Organizations and Institutions, namely M.A Motala Islamic Centre, As-Salaam Educational Institute, SANZAF, Verulam Islamic Institute and many others.

“The Aim of the camp was to share Islamic Knowledge and Leadership Skills with the youth and for participants to discuss, debate and exchange different views with each other”, said Aysha Adam, from the MYM.

“On Friday evening when we arrived at the camp, we were most apprehensive as we did not know each other and we were expected to introduce ourselves to the rest of the campers. Understandably, many participants were nervous, however, the camp facilitators helped us break the ice.

“This session referred to as the 'ice breaker' helped each of the participants get rid of their shyness and stage fright, and by the end of the weekend, many of us gained much confidence in our ability to stand at the front and address the group,” Adam said.

A participant in the programme told Al Qalam: “Saturday commenced with us getting up for salatul-Fajr, thereafter we had a small session in the Musjid called a 'halqa'. The aim of the 'halqa' is to give someone the platform to recite a few verses from the Holy Quran in Arabic with the translations and for us to have a discussion around it, so that we better understand the verses and put into action the teachings from the Quran”.

The camp lasted three days, the bulk of the time at the camp was allocated to lectures, skills transfer and group work.

Another participant, Hussein Nassir Hassan said: “We were addressed by Sheikh Abdullah Lusenga and his lecture was on the 'Dilemmas facing the youth in today's Society'. This topic really helped me understand the different factors that affect the youth and how to overcome them" said Hussein Nassir Hassan a participant at the camp.

"Sheikh Abu Bakr Mtenje delivered a very inspiring lecture on 'Leadership', he showed us a clip that was about the ten ways on how to become a great leader. The likes of Sheikh Ramadhan told us a story of a Sahaba who was very young and really committed to his Deen and by that was willing to sacrifice his life for it.

“We participated in sporting activities to keep our bodies in shape and our minds sharp, thereafter we attended lectures that are basically to broaden our mind-set and the way we think. We also indulged in fun activities like drama, poetry and much more.

The camp was really exciting and full of fun, at the same time extremely educational. I for one enjoyed myself tremendously and benefitted from the various topics presented and discussed over the weekend. Participants were well fed and taken care of, and the organisers of the camp made sure that everyone’s needs were met. I hope that this camp could carry on for the rest of the upcoming years' said Hassan.

“We would like to thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to attend this camp and hopefully we will implement all that we have learnt in this camp in our lives and to make this world a better place for all.”



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